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Projects in the Works

Did the info on the home page peak your interest? Trying to find out what is coming next? Well here is a list of the projects we are trying to accomplish and hopefully can implement in the near future. We encourage all feedback so that we can make this game the best it can be!

Tarot Card Deck

Building you Deck

It sounds weird but the NFT cards are still being made. Soon the first drop will occur on OpenSea and then its fair game for anyone. Keep an eye out on the announcements because new drops will occur periodically.

Young Girl Playing Computer Games

Lets Play a Game

This is a game, as such, we want people to be able to play it. We recognize that having cards being all digital makes this a bit of a challenge, as such, we are building a digital version of the game where you can use your NFT's to play against others. Let us know your ideas so we can make it even better!

Contact Us- Send us Your Ideas!

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