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Welcome to the Members Page

Well as the title above suggests welcome to the members page. I would first like to thank you for buying or trading for the logo NFT members card thing. It means a lot. Just to produce the first ten demo cards will cost over 500 dollars so every little bit helps.

So, this is just the short welcome/introduction post. As advertised please feel free to share your thoughts and they will receive special consideration. If you have ideas for cards we want to know. As a member the benefits for ideas will be better and you will find out information either the general public wont know, or finds out at a later date. So lets have some fun!

To start with a little tidbit of information is that I might put Mr. Weiss on building a TikTok page as well as the Facebook...I'm sure he will love that. The reason is that the algorithm they use is better at finding potential trend setting material and when starting a new game...that is a useful tool. So let us know what you think!

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