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Welcome to the Black Card Members Page

Well as the title above suggests welcome to the members page. I would first like to thank you for buying or trading for the logo NFT members card thing. It means a lot. Just to produce the first ten demo cards will cost over 500 dollars so every little bit helps.

So, this is just the short welcome/introduction post. Unlike the other membership site this one is much more exclusive. As such this is more the "business" site. I will try and keep a good atmosphere, but things will be protracted and focus more on refining ideas as well as impactful matters for the game over all. So to look forward to here are the current ideas we are looking into:

  • The current situation with card development is that we have reached out to three different digital artists. two of which are not able to accommodate. The job is the first 5-10 cards with reusable boarders to use as templates for future cards. The deadline given is November, however the goal is to have the first announcements coming out in July.

  • Starting a Tiktok page. The algorithm is much better than Facebook and Instagram at finding potential viral media. Twitter is a bit of a hot bed at the moment so that is the next place we are looking at a social media presence.

  • Getting trademarks on the logo and implementing them onto the cards to therefor trademark the cards.

  • Marketing ideas. Using something similar to the Red Bull marketing which we will explain in a later post. It should be rather fun.

So welcome and feel free to reach out and have fun on the Discord!

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