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Welcome to Mayhem!

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

I feel it only fitting to introduce myself I am A.W. Roberts the creator of this game. I have always loved trading card games since I was a kid, but the world is changing. The creation of crypto currency and NFT's has opened a whole new world of possibilities. Originally, I thought of art based on trading cards, but copyrights are a bit of a pain. So like any normal person...maybe...I just decided to make my own game. Take the best elements from some of the most popular games and my childhood favorites, mash them together, and throw in a little of my own flair, and here we are.

Welcome to Mayhem.

Take true ownership of your cards. Build a community. Have input on an unparalleled. make money with the advent of NFT's. This game is what you make it. I am proud to welcome you to my world and hope I can enjoy a game with you soon.

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