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Website Publishing!

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Obviously if your reading this the website is published and running. However this is a nice little mile stone for us. Now for a little walk though if you have not had time to explore the whole site.

Home page: Here you can find out community forum and see what is going on. Initially it will be small but we hope to grow as time goes on.

Announcements: Well this is where you found this posting and any other announcements that come from the administration.

About page: Like any other about page learn some of the theory and dream mayhem is trying to fulfill. On top of that, if you see something you like let us know! we love support and suggestions.

How to play: If you got some cards here is where we have all the rules listed. although there is no where to play online (we know its in the works) if you wanna meet up with others and play you now know how. When designing the game I made a playboard on the back of and old map and cards out of post-it notes. So trust me its possible.

Projects: I have referenced some plans in the works but if you want to know more or have suggestions of your own then here is where you can do that.

Trade Market and Shop: A bit of a misnomer, its really just a link to an NFT market where we are currently selling and trading cards. We hope to one day have our own market on this site, but for only one mans idea and no major financial backing we are doing what we can.

We hope you enjoy the initial website and don't worry it will be getting better as time goes on. Thank you for your support!

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