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We got a LOGO!

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

This seems like a small step but honestly it a big deal when starting out. If you consider the titans of business their logo is a symbol of what they are. They are signs of status and they convey ideals of their product. Simply consider Supreme. I still have no idea what they actually produce but any item with their signature red logo practically doubles in price. The point of this small rant is that a logo, in the beginning, is the start of something great. So allow me to give you what I believe the Mayhem logo stand for.

Oddly enough...or if I have not explained...I don't do digital art. So I had to contract it out. The initial idea or theme was "order out of chaos." It's a common idea but fitting. You as the play must command your forces with a solid plan and face the chaos of battle. The other parameters were that the logo would be fitting in a business setting but also fun and simple enough that a graffiti artist could reproduce it. That being said I would not be opposed to walking down the street one night and seeing a wall tagged with the mayhem logo (its illegal so officially I don't condone it). Finally I wanted something regal and fun to mirror the spirit of the game. After going through a few different designs well I found one rather fitting. So I give you the logo of Mayhem.

For the record we do utilize an inversion of this where instead of white it is black, but because of the format of these posts I does not show up on a black background. Just a small matter of administration aside. Personally I think it looks rather good and matched my vision rather well. I hope going forward that it can match the vision you will have as well for the game. Let this be the banner for the start of our new adventure.

P.S. I do believe that the logo my be the first test NFT...and they may come with some perks. They will be in the OpenSea link soon.

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