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How to Win

Playing the game should be fun but the goal should be to win as well. here are the different ways to win, or what to do if you reach a draw.

  1. One player loses all their personal life points.

  2. One player has all their unit cards destroyed and there is a clear path (no set spells or traps) to their innermost column on their side. The opponent must have one mobile unit card to declare victory.

  3. The opponent has a unit cards occupying every spot in a players area. The player has no spells or traps that can destroy one or more units.

  4. If all unit cards on both sides are destroyed and no spells on either side exist dealing enough direct damage to cause one players life points to reach zero and no protective spells exist to hinder that calculation, the match reverts to sudden death.

  5. Sudden death: Both players shuffle their decks and randomly draw nine cards. Mana/power/points is set to 50 and each player may only use the nine cards drawn for the round. The match goes for nine rounds or until one of the previous criteria are met (save for 3). At the end of the 9th round, the player with the highest life points wins. If scenario 3 results or life points are equal at the end of the 9th round the match is considered a draw and battle begins anew or both part ways as equals.

  6. If a player is caught cheating or using forged/fake cards it qualifies as an immediate forfeit. If it is an official match the record of cheating will be recorded and any future violations will result in banning by inactivating/invalidating the cards of the player through the block chain. 

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