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How To Play

Mayhem may be a NFT based card game, but as the name suggests it is a game. As such it would help to know how to play. Below are the rules and basic strategy for how to use your NFT's to have fun with other players.

Intro and Start Up

Start of the Game/Match and Set Up

  • Using the game board layout, shown in the layout section, each player will organize their sides as they see fit

  • Each player starts with 5000 personal hit points and 5 power points

  • Using a coin flip or some other fair method players decide who will go first and players will take turns after.

  • Matches start and end with a handshake

Deck Setup

  • Each deck may contain a maximum of 50 cards

  • There are no limits on the number of copies that can be in a deck

  • There is no draw phase so the contents of the entire deck can be used at any time

  • Because cards are electronic, once a match starts switching out your deck composition is not allowed.

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Card and game board layout

You have cards but what do all the numbers and text mean and where do the go? Here is an explanation of the different parts of cards and the gameboard layout.

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Phases of Gameplay

How do you actually play the game of mayhem? Well here is how.

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How to Win

Playing the game is intended to be fun. Winning the game is intended to be even better. Here is how you can win.

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