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* This page does not contain any information to aid in gameplay*

Important Information for Investors

As the title suggests, this page has important information for people looking into Mayhem as being a legitimate business and investment opportunity. Unfortunately there are a number of NFT projects that are scams or benefit the creator without any intention of having lasting affect. This can be caused by poor moral values of the project creator or improper planning. 

To combat this you can find PDF's of the game development and theory used to create the rules and mechanics as well as how to fairly create distribution. Further more, we list the lean start-up business plan and parts of the card development spreadsheet to show our dedication in making Mayhem a success. On a final note, be aware that because things are constantly updated these documents will change and we will upload those changes as they come.

Lets start by being honest...

We find that honesty is what is going to make this project a success. There are two things we want to be honest about up front so as to avoid problems later. The first thing is the length of this project. We are not looking to get rich quick and fully recognize the struggle many NFT projects have which is lack of interest. However, to put it simply, we don't care. Mayhem was created because Mr. Roberts and Mr. Weiss actually love the idea and wanted to make a card game they enjoy. As such if this project takes ten years to even become minorly successful then so be it. We are all in this for the long haul and intend to stand by it even if we are the only ones playing. 

The second thing is the reality of the situations of our two creators. If you read between the lines a bit and do some research Mr. Roberts and Mr. Weiss both graduated from the United States Naval Academy. Thus, they both serve in the military and have duties to perform, such as being deployed. Obviously loosing the two creative heads for long periods of time is not ideal. However, multiple people have permissions to all the sites and files. So even in their absence we can still produce material it will just be more spaced out. Just refer to point one and everything will be okay. So now that we have gotten that out of the way, please feel free to peruse our other amplifying information. 

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